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One of our prettiest prints
Hand colored print of Siamese Lady. One of the prettiest prints I have ever seen. Over painted high lights. We have left it as we got it because it is truly a piece of 1930. It is hard to photograph through the glass, so we will send you more pictures, if you wish. PG 875 Click the Buy button to purchase for $50. plus $15. for SHI. Hgt:16" x 7"
Reinthal & Newman Pubs, NY.
Reinthal & Newman, NY. Greatest Moments in Girls life. Visuals of an 1890 wedding. On the original matting called The Proposal, The Trousseau, The Wedding, The Honeymoon, The First Evening In Their Own Home, and Their New Love. Framed and ready to go. 271/2" Long. 9 1/2". Tall. ML29. Click the Buy button to purchase. $ 175.00 plus $ 15.00 for SHI.
Silhouette Reverse Painted on Glass
Silhouette Reverse Painted on Glass Silhouettes reverse painted in black on glass were first popular in the 1920s and 1930s. Some had flat glass and some had bubble glass or convex glass. Benton Co. of Michigan made many in the 20's and 30s. The one we show here is reverse painted of a Colonial Lady with foil decorated areas in gold, silver and red colored foil. Flat glass. Size 14 1/2' x 11 5/8 reeded wood frame. c.1940. Perfect. Click on the Buy Button to purchase now: PG463. Price $30.00 plus $6 for S H & I.
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