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Bye-Lo type composition head Doll.


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Bye-Lo type composition head Doll.A pretty Bye-Lo type doll. Probably made by Butler Bros. The composition head has some crazing and is marked on back of neck. It is from the 30's with glass sleep eyes. Voice box does not work. The cloth body has flipper legs with cello hands. This baby comes with its own bunting. Tall: 13 1/2". c. 1930.FT17.
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Bisque German Tiny Doll.
Bisque German Tiny Doll.She is a frozen Charlotte type doll. She has had a hard life. Missing one leg and no hair. Painted blue eyes with tinted cheeks. Painted stockings and shoe. Impressed: ?000,4/0. C.1895. Modern Science can help this sweet doll. Hgt: 3". Click on the Buy Button to purchase now: MA11. Price: $45 Sale Price $00.00 plus $5 for S H & I.

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