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Bisque German Tiny Doll.
Little Angel walker by Arranbee. Little Angel dressed in lace trimmed dress. She has her shoes and socks. Lovely blue sleep eyes open painted mouth. Moveable Head, hands and legs. Hgt 12"In excellent condition. KL12 Click the Buy button to purchase KL12. for $225.00 plus $ 10.00 SHI. We have more pictures.
Bisque German Tiny Doll.
Eskimo Doll with fur coat. Eskimo Doll with sleep blue eyes. Painted face. Hard plastic. Bought in Alaska years ago. Perfect condition. Hgt. 8". PG868. Click the buy button to purchase this pretty doll for $30.00 plus $ 6.00 for SHI.
Bisque German Tiny Doll.
Roly Poly celluloid Santa figure. Santa is grinning. He has one hand behind his back. with a doll for some little girl. His face is wonderful. His suit is in excellent condition. He is ready to bounce back for you. There are 2 dents, One at the base and one on his hat. No holes or other damage. Marked Japan Hgt: 3 1/4".c1920. PG857. Click the buy button to order for $ 25.00 plus $ 5.00 for SHI..
Effenbee Doll with eye lashes. Some have said this Doll is Fluffy. She has light colored hair with blue eyes with eye lashes. Painted mouth. and a pair of pink panties. Her vest is of red felt and is worn. Her blouse and blue skirt appear to b original. Hgt 8". She is in excellent condition with the exception of her vest. JA83. Click the Buy button to order this doll for $ 65.00 Sale Price $ 35.00 plus $5 for S H & I.
Bisque German Tiny Doll.
Bisque German Tiny Doll.She is a frozen Charlotte type doll. She has had a hard life. Missing one leg and no hair. Painted blue eyes with tinted cheeks. Painted stockings and shoe. Impressed: ?000,4/0. C.1895. Modern Science can help this sweet doll. Hgt: 3". Click on the Buy Button to purchase now: MA11. Price: $45.00 Sale Price $ 15.00 plus $5 for S H & I.
Pretty walker doll fully clothed.
Indian Hard Plastic doll. Just back from a hunt this Indian Doll may be carrying a Fox pelt. This doll has sleep eyes and a movable head and arms. Suede leggons and jacket. Glass beads decorate her out fit. . Hgt: 7 1/2". MA485 Click on the Buy Button to purchase now: Price: $20.00 Sale Price $10.00 plus $5.00 for S H & I.
Pretty walker doll fully clothed.
American Character Doll. So cute American Character Doll in green cotton play suit with plastic buttons. Cotton shirt has small green design. He has sleep eyes with long eyelashes and a skull cap with hair. Movable head, arms and legs. He is vinyl 12 high. Marked AM Char. JA96 Click on the Buy Button to purchase now: Price: $50.00 Sale Price $ 20.00 plus $6.00 for S H & I.
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Bisque Black Bride Doll.
Bisque Black Bride Doll. Lovely with her white silk puff sleeve gown, adorned with lace and tiny pink roses. An exquisite veil frames her lovely face. In mint condition. In original box. In mint condition. From Designer Dolls by William Tung. Anita #91174. Hgt: 20" Click on the Buy Button to purchase now: MA18. Price: $90.00 Sale Price $ 30.00 plus $10 for SHI.
Goya Spanish Souvenir Doll
Goya Spanish Souvenir Doll The lady is celebrating in her mantilla, gold shawl and red decorated skirt. Check out the hose and shoes. Her bead earrings and sequin decoration on her skirt add to the festivities. She has and underskirt and pantaloons that are lace edged. Her face and hands are painted cloth. Her body is wire and wood. A wonderful doll. Goya tag. Hgt: 6 5/8". C. 1940 Click on the Buy Button to purchase now: JA39. Price: $45.00 Sale Price $ 20.00 plus $ 5.00 for S H & I.
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