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Getting Around Our Site:
To move around the Treasure Trove Antiques web site you simply need to remember the "navigation links" at the top of the page. They are:

Browse...Ordering... Appraisals... Events... Guarantee... Index... Help

(or You Can Use Direct Links at the Bottom of the Page, too)

Wherever you go, you can always click on these links to return to the top levels of the site. On pages with many items, simply use the scroll bar to the right to scroll up or down or click on your browsers up/down arrow keys.Need to jump to an area (for example Glass)? You can get there by clicking on Browse (at the top of our page, of course) and then click on the category Glass, or jump to our Glass area directly using the Glass link at the bottom of the web page. All links work the same - just click and browse! You can also click on Index (up at the top of the page) to see a whole list of all the places you can jump to.Try it. You won't get lost. And remember, if you have any questions about ordering, our guarantee or services simply feel free to call toll-free. Phone 1-877-215-2392.

How to Buy On-Line: If you're ready to buy, just click on "Add to Cart" to put your item in your shopping cart and then follow the prompts as your screen changes. You can use your credit card or pay by check or money order, too.

It's easy, just Click the Buy Button next to your item. You'll see secure forms to complete for your order. Just be sure to click the SUBMIT ORDER button at the bottom of your order form to confirm. Order anytime, day or night!

You can also call us toll-free to order Treasure Trove items over the phone with us if you prefer. Toll Free: 1-877-215-2392.

Type Sizes Seem too Big or too Small: Your web browser software can change the font sizes to make type appear larger or smaller when you're browsing on-line. Fonts are the typed words such as what you are reading right now. Many browsers, such as those found at your Library or local Internet Cafe often have the font size set too big. This makes the page layout look odd with lots of broken lines or big empty white spaces. On most browsers you can change the way it displays fonts to correct this. Simply select VIEW from the top menu bar, and then look for TEXT SIZE and select a size option to INCREASE or DECREASE FONT SIZE or change it to select a size between LARGEST AND SMALLEST. (wording varies from machine to machine). In most cases, selecting a smaller font size will improve the way your browser displays web pages. Note, that this will not change the size of pictures and certain graphic elements - it will simply make what you read easier on the eyes. Set it larger or smaller depending on your preference. Changing this setting won't hurt the browser or your computer. Experiment. You'll be glad you discovered this option with your browser.

Shipping & Insurance: Shipping charges shown are for US destinations. Yes, your items are sent insured. Just click and buy. Items normally will arrive within 7 to 10 days.

We also can ship to international destinations, but call first or email for a shipping quote. Shipping for large items and freight only items is subject to many variables, so please call to confirm shipping costs and options.

Thank You again for visiting Treasure Trove Antiques. Tell your friends about treasuretrove-antiques.com. And visit again, soon!

- Toni
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