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Description of Lesson 02.

In Lesson 01 we learned the we could copy and paste the code between the words Lesson 01

and End of Lesson 01 to add the block of code to begin to add a new item to a page.

In this lesson we will look at a couple of changes to a begin changing the code to add the

information for the new item.

Items we are changeing:

First lets change the pictures of the item we are adding. There are two changes to make for this.



Lesson 02:


An Art Nouveau Lady has a Cherub pal. Pate sur pate Cherub and a Art Nouveau lady with flowing hair are together on the blue green background. Molded roses and flower surround the edge of the plate. Some minor chips around the edge. Impressed number on back.c 1910. D: 6". PG731 Click on the Buy Button to purchase now: Price: $45.00 plus $7 for S H & I.

End of Lesson 02:


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The first step, We are looking for code that looks like the following: Change the text to point to the new pictures.

Notice that one picture has a "tn" in the name. this is the thumbnail, this is the picture that is displayed on the page. The

other picture is the picture that is displayed when you click on the picture.

<a href="images/pu/PG731%20PateSurPatCherub.jpg">
<img src="images/pu/PG731%20PateSurPatCherubtn.jpg" width="225" height="212" border="0">

I've changed the name of the picture already so that the difference can be seen already.