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Attention Collectors...

What do you collect? What are you looking for? Whatever your fancy, sign up with us and get on "The Want List."Currently we are actively looking for:

Baby Grand Piano in central Ohio area


Old Christmas Ornaments


For years at Treasure Trove Antiques we've maintained a private Want List of collectors searching for special antiques and collectibles. If you're looking for a specific type of china, pottery, carnival glass, jewelry, antique furniture - what ever! Get on our want list. And if you have a match to sell - simply call us. Toll free call 1-877-215-2392. Get on The Want List. Click here and tell us in an e-mail.It's private and your confidential information is never shared without your permission. If we find a match (someone else that has something you want) we'll contact you. To continue enjoying our web site, simply click one of the links at the top of the web page, such as Browse Ordering Appraisals Events Index or Help.

May all your wants come true..


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